Music Monday – Volume Thirty Four


1) Seal – Silence

Such an incredibly beautiful song. I once used this in a drama performance I did and so it gives me lots of fond memories. The acapella introduction proves how amazing Seal’s voice is and I just love the chord progression and the way it builds.

2) Seal – You get me

Pretty song off Seal’s amazing ‘Commitment’ album.

3) Alt-J – Hunger of the pine

One of the most haunting songs ever. Love the moody, melancholic feel to this song and the sample of Miley is genius.

4) Susan Boyle – Enjoy the Silence

Stunning cover of the song by Depeche Mode. I actually much prefer Su-Bo’s version. It imitates the approach Michael Andrews and Gary Jules took to covering Tears for Fears’ ‘Mad World’ by turning a 1980’s electronic/synthpop song into a stunning ballad. Amazing.

5) Nicole Scherzinger – Run

Beautiful ballad from Nicole’s new album.

6) Seal & Heidi Klum – Wedding Day

Catchy number from Seal’s ‘System’ album. Features vocals from then-wife Heidi Klum. Great song.

7) Union J – You got it all

This is one of few songs I’ve remotely liked by this boyband. It takes a few listens but it’s definitely a grower and it’s very pretty.

8) Phil Collins – Look Through My Eyes

I saw somebody mention the soundtrack for Brother Bear on Twitter the other day which reminded me of this song Phil Collins wrote and recorded for the soundtrack. Fantastic song.

9) Ryan Adams – Gimme something good

Heard this and loved it a while back but forgot about it until this past week. Ryan Adams is so talented and this is such an awesome song.

10) Stevie Nicks – Has anyone ever written anything for you?

Stunning ballad which closes Stevie’s ‘Rock a Little’ album. It’s very ’80’s’ but it’s also very beautiful. Love that long ending.

Music Monday – Volume Thirty Three


1) Rae Morris – Closer

SO good. Beautiful piano instrumentation and I love the beat.

2) Avicci and Robbie Williams – The Days

I usually can’t stand Avicci but this song is awesome. I’m not just saying that because Mr Robbie Williams is on it, it’s just a great track. Love the acoustic guitar with the electronic instrumental and Robbie sounds great on it! Got a very Autumn-y feel about it.

3) Ella Henderson – Rockets

Fantastic, catchy pop track on Ella Henderson’s amazing début ‘Chapter One’ album.

4) Ella Henderson – The First Time

Love the old-school feel to this song. Great track.

[Not on YouTube yet]

5) Ella Henderson – Five Tattoos

Stunning piano ballad. Beautiful.

6) Jessie J – Seal me with a kiss (ft De La Soul)

Catchy number off Jessie’s fantastic ‘Sweet Talker’ album.

7) Jessie J – Keep us together

Have loved this ever since Jessie debuted this on the TV special ‘Live at Edinburgh Castle’ this summer. Such a catchy, great song. Glad she’s returned to form with her latest album.

8) Seal – Best of Me

Been loving Seal’s ‘Commitment’ album recently, especially this song. Love the concept and the acoustic-feel of this song. Can’t get enough of this right now.

9) Seal – All for love

Dramatic, beautiful song off Seal’s ‘Commitment’ album.

10) Spring Awakening OBC – Touch Me

Beautiful song from one of my favourite musicals: ‘Spring Awakening’. Love every song from this musical but this definitely one of the stand-outs for me. SO powerful.

A reflection…


I was feeling all reflective and thinking about my friendship with somebody and so I decided to write this brief little reflection about this song.

It’s funny how times and feelings change. This song is incredibly personal and it means a lot to me. When I uploaded it, I received some of my best feedback for any of my songs which I am entirely grateful for. I wrote this at around Easter last year, a few months after me and a person I was really close with fell apart. As a sense of closure I wrote this song to deal with the gaping hole that person left.

Our relationship was an odd one. We weren’t a couple or anything but we were two people who were polar opposites and a bit lost for a while who found each other. Being opposite was a small part of what made us so ‘toxic’ and whilst we were in one sense a great comfort to each other, in another we messed each other up a lot. It was a weird time for both of us and despite the way things turned out at the time, I am eternally grateful for that closeness we shared.

When we fell apart I felt both optimistic and lost at the same time. I felt optimistic because as things had become more and more difficult towards the end, I knew now we could be free without each other. But then I felt lost because I’d lost someone I talked to every single day and someone who meant the world to me. In the end I think it was for the best. We needed time out and that was that. The song kinda reflects that – I think musically it’s pretty bright despite it being mid-tempo but the lyrics are darker.

I can’t actually remember the ins and outs of how I wrote this song but I believe it was one that wrote itself in my head if I can remember correctly. Lyrically, I think it’s probably one of my favourites and the song pretty much explains everything.

Earlier this year, in a bizarre turn of events, we both tracked each other down again, both realising we missed each other. Things move on in a year and lots had happened but slowly, we’ve rebuilt all of that friendship we once destructed. I don’t regret what I said through this song but I certainly look at things a different way now, especially after talking to each other about things. It makes me happy knowing things have moved on from this song.

It just goes to show how different everything can look in a year.


Music Monday – Volume Thirty Two


1) Robbie Williams – No One likes a fat popstar

One of many songs that highlights Robbie’s genius. Witty, well-written lyrics that poke fun at the media and those fond of food, its self deprecation style is actually a little sad too. Love the merry-go-round feel of the verses and the operatic chorus. Awesome song.

2) B.o.B & Hayley Williams – Airplanes

Still an absolute tune, I really love the lyrics to this song. Hayley Williams has an incredible voice and B.o.B is a great artist.

3) U2- I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

A song that will forever be relevant to many people a little lost in life. An all time rock-classic.

4) The Magician ft Years & Years– Sunlight

A song reminiscent of early 2000’s house, this is one of the best dance tracks in years. So catchy and SO damn good.

5) Take That – These Days

They’re finally back after a three year hiatus! Take That’s new track is a rather camp, poppy, danceable track which is destined to be a hit. Love the 1980’s feel and the blend of their voices together. Awesome song.

6) Coldplay – Always in my head

A melancholic, chilled song that’s utterly beautiful.

7) John Mayer – Belief

I honestly believe this is one of the greatest songs ever written. Incredible lyrics and the last minute or so is just sheer power. Amazing.

8) Coldplay – 0 (Fly on)

A stunning end to Coldplay’s incredible ‘Ghost Stories’ album. ‘Just a flock of birds is how you think of love’ – what a line.

9) Mark Owen – Falling Star

A song featured only as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Owen’s 2005 ‘How the mighty fall’ album. It’s a song which proves quite how underrated Mark Owen’s solo career is and this should have been on the standard edition of the album. Utterly stunning.

10) Calvin Goldspink – Grown Up

A great, great song by Calvin Goldspink who, many years ago, was a member of the S Club Juniors (or S Club 8).

Music Monday – Volume Thirty One


1) Prince – Breakfast Can Wait

Prince has returned triumphantly this month with not one but TWO albums! A solo effort and an album with his all female band 3RDEYEGIRL. Both are incredible records with different qualities. This one is from Prince’s solo album: ‘Art Official Age’. It’s classic Prince with a modern twist – simplistic and a funky beat. Great song.

2) One Direction – Steal My Girl

One Direction just appear to be going from strength to strength. The lead single for upcoming album ‘Four’, this is a more mature effort but with the classic 1D sound. I really really love this. Piano sequence highly resembles Abba’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’ however…

3) Taylor Swift – Shake it off

I’ve been loving this for a while but have only been completely sold this last week. SO catchy and such an awesome feel-good song. Classic pop.

4) Alanis Morisette – Thank U

There’s something so raw and melancholic about this that makes it irresistible. Love Alanis, especially songs from her early days such as this.

5) Take That – Wooden Boat

Following the news of Jason Orange’s departure, I went back and listened to all of the songs Jay took lead vocal on. Jay was lucky to sing on some of Take That’s best work but I do think this is the stand-out performance. It’s such an incredibly gorgeous song with a Folk influence and Jason’s voice is stunning on it.

6) Take That – Flowerbed

Another Jason Orange lead vocal, this is such a dreamy, beautiful song that concluded 2010’s ‘Progress’ album.

7) Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL – Whitecaps

Prince again, this time with his band 3RDEYEGIRL. I love how chilled out this song is and the Blues kinda feel to it. I really can’t get enough of this right now. Such a beautiful song.

[Unfortunately this is not on YouTube]

8) Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL – TicTacToe

Another song that I’m loving off Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL’s album ‘PLECTRUMELECTRUM’.

[Unfortunately this is not on YouTube]

9) The Script – Man on a wire

I’m still loving the new album from The Script. I really love this song – it’s loyal to The Script’s sound but avoids being too unoriginal from other songs by them. An emotive and beautiful song.

10) Boyz II Men – Human II (Don’t turn your back on me)

Came across this song again after first falling in love with it around five years ago. Forgot what a corker of a song it is! So, so catchy with the silky smooth harmonies we all love Boyz II Men for. Also samples one of my favourite songs from the 80’s: ‘Human’ by Human League.

Music Monday – Volume Thirty


1) Jason Segel & Peter Linz – Man or Muppet

Yes, it’s a song by The Muppets from their 2011 Disney movie. It’s comical but yet utterly beautiful at the same time. I think the reason I love it so much, besides the fact it involves The Muppets which I love, is that is reminds me of 1980’s power ballads and musically, it’s a little like Elton John’s ballads. Reminds me a little of one of my favourite songs by The Scissor Sisters (‘Mary’) too. Just a beautiful little song.

2) Simply Red – Fairground

One of the best pop-house  tracks from the 90’s. Such a feel-good, catchy song. Awesome drum track, sing-song melody and a bloody brilliant chorus. SO good.

3) The Script – No good in goodbye

The Script got mixed reviews for their previous album, ‘#3′ and so it seems they wanted to return to form with new album ‘No sound without silence’. And that, they have. This is the opening track and it’s unbelievably good. Great, well-written lyrics and I love the chord progression of the chorus, though it does sound rather like Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’! Can’t get enough of this right now.

4) Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

Incredibly haunting, beautiful and dark. Paolo’s vocal performance on this is insane. SO emotive.

5) Chris Brown – Add Me In

As much as I can’t stand Chris Brown as a human being, I do love a lot of his music. Latest album ‘X’ is great and this is my favourite track off it. A little like something that would have appeared on Michael Jackson’s ‘Off the wall’ album but with a modern twist. Great song.

[Not on YouTube yet]

6) Alt-J – Every other freckle

Another haunting song, this is a little creepy. Awesome record, though.

7) SecondCity featuring Ali Love – What can I do?

SO good. One of those rare new songs that I loved upon my first listen. Sounds a little like a 90’s house track which is part of what makes it so endearing. Summer hasn’t disappeared just yet!

8) Jamie Cullum – Photograph

I love Jamie Cullum – he’s one of the most underrated artists in the UK. This is a beautiful little song I came across after reading an interview with him in which he discussed this song. Great lyrics and I love how the song builds and develops. Love this.

9) Simply Red – Your Eyes

Taken from one of Simply Red’s most underrated albums and one that happens to be my favourite by them; ‘Love and the Russian Winter’. Great, great song.

10) Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes – Almost is never enough

I loved this when it came out but forgot all about it until reading about Nathan Skyes reportedly working on a solo album. A chilled, jazzy affair with incredible vocal performances by both artists. I’m expecting big things from Nathan – what a voice! One that wasn’t showcased enough in The Wanted. Just hope he gets with the right song-writers/musicians.

Music Monday – Volume Twenty Nine


1) One Direction – Fireproof

There’s been a bit of a mixed reaction to this track which was made available for free for 24 hours this week. It’s a lot more mature with a soft beat and gorgeous harmonies and I absolutely love it. Such a great song.

2) Favela – Easy Yoke

Found this on a Spotify placement I was listening to yesterday and have listened to it over and over since. Such a beautiful song. Very spaced out and the strings are just stunning.

3) The 1975 – Heart Out

I’ve loved this since I purchased The 1975’s début album almost a year ago but the release of the video last week has given the song a new lease of life for me. So catchy it’s unreal and I love the saxophone break.

4) Ten Walls – Walking with elephants

Been hearing this on the radio a lot lately and I really love it. It’s great to have a classic instrumental club track in the charts.

5) Nina Nesbitt – Two worlds away

Found this completely by accident and have fallen in love. Such a pretty acoustic-based song.

6) John Mayer – Say

One of John’s more underrated efforts and one I feel even he neglects sometimes. This was written for and appeared in the movie ‘The Bucket List’ although I came to know it through the modern re-adaptation of ‘The Karate Kid’ a few years back. It’s the song that got me into John Mayer and it’s so pretty. It’s one of the most inspiring songs and I just love it so, so much.

7) Coldplay – True love

Hauntingly beautiful. Love this.

8) George Ezra – Barcelona

This man is such a talent. Really love this song.

9) George Ezra – Song 3

Another incredible song off George’s debut album. Awesome.

[Unfortunately this isn't on YouTube]

10) Beck – Morning

I went and saw ‘If I stay’ at the cinema the other day and this appeared in the movie. I instantly fell in love with the soft guitars and the haunting melody. Such a haunting, stunnning song.