Music Monday – Volume Twenty Nine


1) One Direction – Fireproof

There’s been a bit of a mixed reaction to this track which was made available for free for 24 hours this week. It’s a lot more mature with a soft beat and gorgeous harmonies and I absolutely love it. Such a great song.

2) Favela – Easy Yoke

Found this on a Spotify placement I was listening to yesterday and have listened to it over and over since. Such a beautiful song. Very spaced out and the strings are just stunning.

3) The 1975 – Heart Out

I’ve loved this since I purchased The 1975’s début album almost a year ago but the release of the video last week has given the song a new lease of life for me. So catchy it’s unreal and I love the saxophone break.

4) Ten Walls – Walking with elephants

Been hearing this on the radio a lot lately and I really love it. It’s great to have a classic instrumental club track in the charts.

5) Nina Nesbitt – Two worlds away

Found this completely by accident and have fallen in love. Such a pretty acoustic-based song.

6) John Mayer – Say

One of John’s more underrated efforts and one I feel even he neglects sometimes. This was written for and appeared in the movie ‘The Bucket List’ although I came to know it through the modern re-adaptation of ‘The Karate Kid’ a few years back. It’s the song that got me into John Mayer and it’s so pretty. It’s one of the most inspiring songs and I just love it so, so much.

7) Coldplay – True love

Hauntingly beautiful. Love this.

8) George Ezra – Barcelona

This man is such a talent. Really love this song.

9) George Ezra – Song 3

Another incredible song off George’s debut album. Awesome.

[Unfortunately this isn't on YouTube]

10) Beck – Morning

I went and saw ‘If I stay’ at the cinema the other day and this appeared in the movie. I instantly fell in love with the soft guitars and the haunting melody. Such a haunting, stunnning song.

Music Monday – Volume Twenty Eight


1) George Ezra – Blame it on me

I’m still not quite sure what to make of George Ezra. I think he’s very talented and there’s certainly something about his songs that make them pretty enchanting. That said, ‘Budapest’ did get on my nerves a little bit. ‘Blame it on me’ has been growing on me with every listen, however and I think I can now conclude that I love it. Love the guitar sound in the chorus.

2) Maroon 5 –Sugar

I much prefer old Maroon 5 to their sound for the past three years. ‘Songs about Jane’ and ‘It won’t be soon before long’ were class albums. That’s not to say they’ve completely lost their way, however. The new album is a vast improvement on ‘Overexposed’. This is an incredibly catchy and addictive song. Really love this.

3) Maroon 5 – It was always you

Another track on their latest album ‘V’. Love the 80’s vibe on this and it’s a great sing-along tune.

4) Prince – Clouds

I love how Prince just randomly drops these songs onto Spotify/Itunes without a fuss! No idea if this will appear on any of his two new albums arriving later this month but if this song is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat! Classic Prince but still managing to sound fresh. Layered with a bit of auto-tune to add a bit more effect, this is a great song.

[Unfortunately this isn't on YouTube so no link!]

5) Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

I loved Jessie J’s debut album and I do continue to admire her talent. Personality wise, she does irritate me a bit and her single choices can be a bit hit and miss. Something told me I should hate this song, most likely because of the fact Nicki Minaj has a role in it. That said, it’s a really catchy, great pop track. Really liking this.

6) 5SOS – Amnesia

Overall, I keep telling myself I’m not into this band. Then again, they must be doing something right at this is their second track in one of my Music Monday playlists! This is an incredibly beautiful, if rather predictable (chord-wise) ballad. Definitely my favourite song of right now. Gorgeous.

7) Chromeo – Jealous (I ain’t worth it)

So damn catchy, this is an irresistible song. There hasn’t been a dance-pop track as good as this in YEARS. Unique, with a disco vibe, this is awesome. Check it out!

8) Travi$ Scott & James Fauntleroy – Drive (The 1975 remix)

I didn’t know the original of this (before The 1975 remixed it) and only got to know it through The 1975’s remix. I’m not biased just because The 1975 are one of my favourite bands, I just think what they’ve done with the song is incredible. Awesome beat, so chilled and I love Matty’s verse. Cannot get enough of this at the moment.

9) Joel Compass – Girlfriends

Another catchy track. Really like this!

10) Gary Barlow – We like to love

Without a doubt one of Gary Barlow’s finest songs he’s ever written and definitely one of my all time favourite compositions by him. The squeak of the piano stool and click of the piano keys at the beginning if you turn the volume up loud enough through headphones shows how raw this song is. It’s rare for a real piano to be used in a song these days. It’s wonderful, the changes that occur in this song. The soft beginning with the choir, the verse and first chorus, the key change and then the Coldplay-styled soaring climax. Such an incredibly beautiful and emotive song.

Music Monday – Volume Twenty Seven


1) The 1975 – Au Bord De La Mer

A song by the band before they ‘made it big’. Matty’s vocal delivery is different as is the genre. It’s a bit darker than what the band are known for but it’s a fantastic song. Really love this!

2) Elvin Bishop – Fooled around and fell in love


3) James Bay – Let it go

Hauntingly beautiful and drifts into Ed Sheeran territory from time to time which is never a bad thing!

4) Mika & Pharrell – Celebrate

Pharrell is a genius and Mika is one of the most talented guys in pop. The album this is off is incredibly underrated as is this incredible song. So catchy, so uplifting and just an awesome song.

5) 2pac – Changes

One of the best rap songs ever.

6) Jordin Sparks – One step at a time

This is a forgotten pop gem! Catchy, inspiring and just a wonderful, wonderful song. Makes me feel like I’m fourteen again.

7) Rita Ora – Been Lying

One of my all time favourite songs, this is a pop masterpiece. Heartfelt lyrics and the infectious, repetitive chorus shows that sometimes simplicity creates the best songs.

8) 1 Giant Leap ft Maxi Priest and Robbie Williams – My Culture

An often forgotten about collaboration between these three acts, this is an awesome song. Great production, thoughtful lyrics and the melody of the chorus is irresistable.

9) Spice Girls – Last time lover

Girlbands these days could only dream of making an R&B track half as good as this. Naughty, catchy and the bass line is funky as hell. Awesome song.

10) Will Young – Good things

Will Young’s Echoes album is a masterpiece. This is just one of the many great songs that feature on it. The production is second to none, it’s catchy and the melody is infectious. SO good.

Music Monday – Volume Twenty Six


1) Jessie Ware – Imagine it was us

Catchy, irresistible dance track. Love this.

2) Charlie Simpson – Thorns

Great song off Charlie’s début solo album with a catchy, beautiful melody.

3) Charlene Soraia -Caged

Great pop track.

4) Stereophonics – Have a nice day

Such an uplifting, catchy song which is perfect to lift your spirits at the beginning of the day. Always reminds me of the summer and always makes me feel great.

5) Ronan Keating – Life is a rollercoaster

Cheesy Pop at its best. Catchy, uplifting and a fine, fine song. One of my favourite songs of all time.

6) Friendly Fires – Hurting

Such a catchy song with a 1980’s electro-feel to it.

7) The Vamps – Smile

Perfect closing track to The Vamps’ début album. A catchy, feel-good anthem.

8) The Vamps – Lovestruck

A slightly darker track on The Vamps’ début album, this is a great song.

9) Robbie Williams & Brad Paisley – Collision of worlds

A perhaps less known track, this appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ‘Cars 2′. The lyrics are witty and very cleverly written and it’s such an awesome song.

10) John Mayer – 83

A great little song that appeared on John’s début ‘Room for Squares’ that deals with nostalgia and wishing to be a child again. It’s easy to relate to and a fantastically written song.

Music Monday – Volume Twenty Five


1) Katy Perry – This is how we do

This is so catchy, so cool and such a great, uplifting summer song. One of her best off ‘Prism’ and I’m so glad Katy’s releasing it as a single. Great video too.

2) Tulisa – Young

Whatever you think about Tulisa and N Dubz in general, this remains one heck of a tune. This is uplifting, summery and so damn catchy.


3) Take That – It only takes a minute

A massive guilty pleasure, this was a great interpretation of an old disco classic. Its sound and production has certainly been left in the ’90’s but it still sounds awesome and Take That’s version is perhaps the best loved and most known version. Such a catchy chorus.


4) Take That – Once you’ve tasted love

One of Take That’s most underrated songs of their entire career. It may have been on their début ‘Take That and Party’ which is undoubtedly cheesy and lacks credibility in places but it remains a great, great album. This song is infused with electro-pop influences and it’s just so well written/produced. Big chorus too.

5) The 1975 – She Way Out

Almost a year later and I’m still just as addicted to The 1975’s début album as I was upon my first listen. ‘She Way Out’ is definitely one of my favourites. It’s repetitive but it’s so damn good, so catchy and has an unbeatable sing-along chorus.

6) Jessie Ware – Tough love

I’ve heard this on the radio for months now and I’ve begun to realise I fall in love with it a little bit more with every listen. It’s soft, understated but remarkably beautiful. So chilled out and a great song.

7) John Mayer – Good love is on the way

A song that’s never appeared on a John Mayer studio album, this has only been included on John’s live albums. It’s an awesome song, however. I love the guitar instrumentation and the lyrics. Very catchy and an awesome tune. Would love a studio version someday.

8) Charlie Simpson – Long road home

I decided to check out Charlie’s new album the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Every song was beautifully written with smooth harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. This is the opening track to Charlie’s second album and it’s a killer opening. Awesome tune.

9) Charlie Simpson – Hold On

Smooth, fluttering harmonies and gorgeous lyrics. Love the guitars in this and the feel of the song in general. Incredibly beautiful.

10) Madonna – Don’t tell me

One of Madonna’s best, I particularly love the stutter-y production on this. It’s smooth, low-key and very summery. I loved Madonna’s music of this era – the country themed songs and minimalistic production.


Ultimate Summer Playlist


One of the aims of my blog is to share my love of music with everyone. I have a section dedicated to playlists for different occasions and events and of course I also publish my Music Monday blogs of 10 songs I’m currently loving every Monday. This year, since June, I have been compiling a list of songs that represent summer for me. I spent ages trawling through existing official summer compilations, amateur Spotify placements and my own iTunes and Spotify collections not just for songs that are about summer but songs that carry a summer-feeling and always remind me of summer through their chord progression, instrumentation, production or sometimes through lyrics.

I split my playlist into lots of sub-categories for different genres but decided I would publish a list of definitive songs. I will publish my Summer Songs by genre over the coming weeks but for now, here’s my ultimate collection of summer songs. These are the songs that instantly make me think of summer or sound perfect in the sun. There’s some old-school R&B, cheesy pop, guilty pleasures, acoustic, indie and some dance/electro-pop. I have probably forgotten many that represent summer for me but I think I have managed to include pretty much all my best ones. These are the songs that make my summer. I hope this playlist will either introduce you to some new favourites, remind you of some forgotten classics and most importantly, I hope to have created a great soundtrack (or helped form part of it) for your summer.


[Apologies for two of the songs being crappy karaoke versions/imitations but they're not available on Spotify - these are Rizzle Kicks - 'Tell her' and P!nk's 'Feel good time'.]



Music Monday – Volume Twenty Four


1) Mark Owen – Stars

Mark Owen’s solo career is massively underrated. All of his four solo albums have been fantastic but have achieved only moderate success. 2013’s ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’ is probably his best and lead single ‘Stars’ is a masterpiece. Unusual chord structure, electronic sounding, fantastic instrumentation, beautiful vocals and thoughtful lyrics. SO good.

2) Mark Owen – Giveaway

The opening track to ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’. Haunting introduction, Mark’s echoing vocals and a fine way to open the album, building into a catchy track.

3) Demi Lovato – World of chances

I discovered John Mayer had co-written this song with Demi for her 2009 album so decided to check it out. It’s a beautiful song and I can hear both artist’s influences stamped all over it. Such a great track.

4) Republic of Loose – Comeback Girl

Catchy as hell with minimalistic instrumentation. Great summer track.

5) Take That – When we were young

Beautiful song that deserved to fare better in the UK singles chart. A song that returned Take That back to their pop-rock style after the whirlwind that was 2010’s ‘Progress’, it’s warm, heartfelt and beautifully performed.

6) Take That – Happy Now

One of my all time favourite Take That songs and one of the best from their career. An amazing backing track from Gary Barlow with paranoid, robotic and dark verses before a disco, Bee-Gee-esque chorus that’s catchy as hell. It’s an incredible piece of electro-pop with well-written lyrics and the blend of the dark verses with the optimistic, catchy chorus works fanatically and makes it stand out amongst other songs of a similar genre.

7) Take That – What do you want from me

Haunting, heartfelt and emotional. Mark Owen puts his heart and soul into this and Stuart Price’s production is incredible. Awesome song.

8) Michael Jackson – Scared of the moon

Out-take from the ‘Bad’ album which appeared on the 2005 box set; ‘The Ultimate Collection’. It’s simple with just Michael’s voice, a piano and strings but it is absolutely stunning. Michael & Quincy Jones were right to leave it off ‘Bad’ as it simply wouldn’t have fit but it’s an incredibly beautiful song nonetheless.

9) John Mayer/Lawson – Gravity

John Mayer’s signature tune, this is absolute perfection. Silky smooth, Blues-infused and with minimal but heartfelt lyrics. It’s a song John tried to write for a long time before finally getting it right. Lawson are one of my favourite bands who also admire John. They have performed a cover of this song a couple of times, both live in concert and on a live-stream. Their cover is absolutely beautiful so I am including it below too.

10) John Mayer – Wheel

Understated, soft closing track to 2003’s ‘Heavier Things’. It’s a beautiful song with fantastically written lyrics and it has the ability to leave you heartbroken. Gorgeous track and the perfect way to end an album.